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"Lighting the Way"<br />
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Happy Birthday, Split Rock Lighthouse! On July 31, 1910, the lighthouse beacon first cast its guiding light across Lake Superior. Just a short drive up the shore from Duluth, Minnesota, Split Rock Lighthouse State Park is a favorite destination for many visitors and locals.<br />
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It was a very memorable experience witnessing the lighthouse's "candle" lit on her birthday. The blue moon was rising on a lovely summer evening as gentle waves lapped at the shore below. The remnants of clouds gently floated past, complementing the slow rotations of the Fresnel lens. Simply beautiful, elegant tranquility.<br />
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Set atop a 130 foot cliff on Lake Superior, the elevation of the light is 168 feet, and was visible from 25 miles or more. The Fresnel lens is a 2.5-ton, double bull’s-eye lens.