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Lake Superior was calling us on Christmas day, so we postponed our special dinner and headed up the shore to see the lake at her finest. We found the Maiden of the Mist at Tettegouche State Park where the waves were rockin'.<br />
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During the 2016 Christmas Day storm, the temperatures were mild in the upper 20s (F) but easterly winds were sustained at 35 mph, gusting to 50 mph at times. Conditions were challenging as we were frequently buffeted by strong winds and the thunderous explosions of waves sent spray flying far and wide.<br />
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At times it looked as if the majestic lake was gracefully dancing in slow motion, and at other times it appeared to be fiercely power-washing the rugged shorelines. We continue to be humbled by Lake Superior, mesmerized by her waves, and in awe of her raw power.